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What is needed to open a jewelry store


Now we will tell you in detail how to open a jewelry store. Various ornaments have been very popular among the fair sex for a very long time, since ancient times. Even then, necklaces and bracelets made of pebbles and the teeth of wild animals adorned the necks of beauties. Over time, the types and materials of jewelry became more and more, and now a huge branch of the fashion industry works in the field of jewelry production.

Those who plan to start a jewelry store, like a jewelry store, can be sure that they will not be without customers and suppliers, because this type of trade is very popular now.

Jewelry is beautiful, but expensive, so for everyday wear and a variety of accessories, jewelry is used. Now this type of jewelry is so diverse that it can satisfy the requests of any fashionista.

There are simple products made of plastic and wood, which look great on the beaches, and there is also expensive stylish jewelry, which is sometimes as good as jewelry.

Jewelry is sold at spontaneous markets, and in subway crossings, and in large shopping centers and individual stores. Most of the inexpensive jewelry is made in China and is not of high quality, so there is always an opportunity to open your point of sale with a stylish and high-quality product, and thus get a stream of customers who want to buy quality things.

Content of the article:

  • Registration and registration
  • assortment
  • personnel
  • Premises and place
  • There can be several types of outlets selling jewelry:
  • Equipment for a jewelry store
  • Expenses and incomes
    • Initial costs:
    • Monthly expenses:

Registration and registration

To trade in jewelry, you need to open your own company, be it an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity. The preparation of documents in this case is standard, starting from the state. administration and tax inspection to various inspections and authorities. Bank accounts, authorized capital and read the attributes of entrepreneurship are also required.


It is worth starting the formation of the assortment with the selection of suppliers. Chinese and Korean jewelry is not very high-quality, besides, you can find such goods on every corner. If you offer the buyer something more original and special, you can count on receiving more stable and high profits.

Collections of jewelry from the USA, France and Italy allow the new jewelry store to create its own unique style. After finding the right suppliers or manufacturers, you can conclude a contract with them for the exclusive right to trade.

Jewelry collections should be updated frequently, which encourages customers to visit a new store more often. In addition, it is worth remembering that, on average, jewelry is worn for no more than one season, and it is usually selected not for a long sock, but for a spring outfit, for example. Bijoux are taken often and a lot – for different situations.

For the originality of the product, it is necessary to look for several verified suppliers. You can also try working with handmade goods – they are always exclusive. There are many talented craftsmen, and now you can easily find them using the Internet on specialized sites.

As an option, you can consider the franchising option when joining any well-known chain of stores. In this case, you won’t have to worry about suppliers.


For a small shop or jewelry department, one seller is enough. It is better if it will be a girl with a pleasant appearance, who has communication skills and good taste.

Premises and place

It is the right location that contributes to the success of a new store. At the moment, the best option is a place in a shopping center, which, as a rule, is visited by a large number of customers. Since jewelry is usually bought spontaneously and thoughtlessly, this product should always be in sight.

In this regard, the sales department or store should be visible, for example, at the intersection of trade lines. As for the space, four meters of trading space is enough to accommodate 2,000 units of goods.

There can be several types of outlets selling jewelry:

(Not necessarily a large area). There is always a temptation to open a large store, but in the case of jewelry, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise customers will have to run along the windows and it will be difficult to choose them.

A trading point in the form of an island. This option is better, because it allows you to compactly place all your goods in a prominent place, and you will have to pay for everything for a few square meters.

A large jewelry supermarket. This type of stores is quite rare, since the payback period of such a project is much longer, and there is no sense in too large an area.

Usually, large jewelry stores can afford large retail chains, but in this case, the assortment is diluted with various accessories (glasses, hats, umbrellas, scarves, gloves, etc.).

Equipment for a jewelry store

This type of store requires simple equipment – a cash register, showcases, maybe shelves with lighting. On average, you should set aside at least 2-3 thousand UA for equipment. Since jewelry is a small product, window dressing is of great importance.

It is important to have good taste, to place your product correctly and attractively. If your own strength in this matter is not enough, you can turn to a designer or decorator.

Correct lighting is of great importance, so lighting devices must also be given great attention. With skillful lighting and placement, even the simplest costume jewelry will look like royal jewelry. Halogen lamps, spotlights, LED strips can be used as illumination.

Expenses and incomes

Like any other business project, jewelry requires accurate numbers.

Initial costs:

Cash register – 500 u.o. Trading module for jewelry – from 3,000 u.o. Goods (2,000 units) on average 6,000 u.o.

Total costs are 9,500 u.o.

Monthly expenses:

Salary to the seller (or sellers) – from 400 U.S. Rent of premises (at the rate of 4 square meters) – from 500 U.O. Operating expenses – 100 U.O. Cost of jewelry sold: 400 units – 1,200 U.S. at.

Total 2200 u.o.

Estimated monthly profit (excluding taxes) will be about 800 u.o. on average.


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