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How and where you can buy a ready-made business in Novosibirsk, including inexpensively and from the owner


Many entrepreneurs prefer to buy a ready-made business in Novosibirsk – it is often much easier than starting a business from scratch. But finding a good option is not so easy, because the enterprise must be profitable, without problems left over from the former owner and with a quick payback. In this article, we have collected the best ways to find business without intermediaries.

Content of the article:

  • We are looking for advertisements in the press
  • Search on sites
  • We are looking on bulletin boards
  • through brokers
    • Here are the best of such companies:
  • personal contacts
  • obvious options
  • how to evaluate

We are looking for advertisements in the press

First of all, you should look for announcements about businesses for sale in local print publications of an advertising and business nature. The best of them are the following newspapers and magazines:

  • “Merchant”;
  • “Commercial offer”;
  • “Time of money”;
  • “Business”;
  • “From hand to hand”;
  • “Board”;
  • “Business partner”
  • “Metropolis-Novosibirsk”;
  • “Big city”;
  • “Navigator”;
  • “Business in Siberia”;
  • “Expert”;
  • “Money”;
  • “Business Quarter”;
  • “Economy and life”;
  • “Va-Bank””;
  • “Business Directory”;
  • “From and to”;
  • “Our money.”

If you are looking for a certain type of company, you should also pay attention to industry-specific publications.

exampleif you are planning to buy a farm, you should look for offers in agricultural newspapers.

Search on sites

Another good option for finding a ready-made business – city, regional and thematic websites:

  • (business portal of Novosibirsk);
  • (portal of small and medium businesses of Novosibirsk);

It is also worth looking for offers at NGS ( presents a large number of ads for the sale of a ready-made business inexpensively from the owner.

We are looking on bulletin boards

Bulletin boards are one of the simplest and most convenient ways to find a suitable company. Thousands of options are collected here, and each sentence has a detailed description. Here are the best of these resources:

  • (Avito is the largest bulletin board in Runet);
  • (“From hand to hand” has the largest database of current offers);
  • (both small and medium-sized companies are offered for sale here);

Through brokers

Brokerage firms specializing in the sale of small and medium-sized enterprises charge brokerage commissions, but shopping with them becomes more secure. They help in the assessment of assets and potential income, carry out documentation verification, perform guarantor functions, and provide legal support for the transaction.

Here are the best of such companies:

“Altera Invest”address: st. Frunze, building 5, office 619; phone: + 7-383-383-03-49, + 7-800-555-78-62; website:; e-mail:

Business Capitaladdress: st. 177, Bolshevytska, office. 314; phone: + 7-383-263-21-00; website:; e-mail:

“AnnaDela”address: st. Pershotravneva, 12; phone: + 7-913-715-54-83; website:

Personal contacts

To avoid changes in ownership among employees and customers, many owners of small and medium-sized enterprises prefer to look for a buyer through acquaintances. Therefore, you should look for offers through your friends, colleagues and relatives, especially if they work in the legal or accounting field.

in additionsince any mediation in this case is excluded, this method allows you to buy a well-established business for a minimal price.

Obvious options

Every day you pass by hundreds of ads, among which there are offers for the sale of a ready-made business – at the entrance, in the elevator, in public transport, at bus stops, on billboards, and so on. Of course, this is not the best way to find a suitable option, but you should not miss this opportunity either.

How to evaluate

Before buying, you need to evaluate the company and make sure that everything is in order with it. The assessment can be done in one of two ways:

1. At book value: This method involves payment by the buyer of the value of the property owned by the company, including the merchandise balance. The assessment takes into account all the company’s obligations (to the bank, suppliers, customers, etc.) and depreciation of the material base.

2. By profitability: This method involves the payment by the buyer of an amount equal to the expected profit for a certain period (usually from 12 to 24 months).

Finding a suitable enterprise is not as difficult as getting a good return from it. But in any case, this approach allows you to immediately get a fully staffed staff, well-established business processes and a client base, which means that the risks will be lower than at.

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Where in Yekaterinburg can you buy a ready-made business from the owner


Many aspiring entrepreneurs would like to buy a ready-made business in Yekaterinburg, but it is not easy to find a suitable option, because the business must be stable, highly profitable, with an acceptable payback period. In this article, we’ve put together the best options for finding a business to buy from an owner, as well as some helpful tips.

Content of the article:

  • Why is it beneficial?
  • how to evaluate
  • personal contacts
  • Search ads through print publications
  • through brokers
    • “Altera Invest”
    • “Ekaterinburg Ready Business Agency”
    • “Ural Broker”
    • DM Capital
    • “Business Invest”
    • “Legal Business”
  • We are looking through bulletin boards
  • through sites

Why is it beneficial?

Buying a ready-made business is in many cases better than starting from scratch.

In this case, you get a formed client base, a staff and well-established business processes, and if you are lucky, a valuable brand. And exactly the main thingthat you will start receiving income from your investments immediately.

How to evaluate

In most cases, enterprises are evaluated in one of two ways:

  • by profitability: The buyer pays an amount equal to the expected profit for a certain period (usually 1-2 years);
  • At book value: The buyer pays the value of the assets (all the company’s property, including the merchandise balance), taking into account depreciation and liabilities.
  • There are other assessment methods, but they are used less often.

    Personal contacts

    When the owner changes, there may be unrest among customers and employees, which will have a negative impact on profits. And in order to prevent this, the owner does not make public announcements, trying to find a buyer through acquaintances. Therefore, it makes sense to look for an offer through your relatives, colleagues and friends. Moreover, this method allows you to purchase a company with well-established work relatively inexpensively.

    Search ads through print publications

    Advertisements for sale are often printed in newspapers. First of all, attention should be paid to advertising and business publications. The best of them are:

    • “Fast courier”;
    • “From hand to hand”;
    • “Business circle”;
    • “In every home”;
    • “Business in Yekaterinburg”;
    • “Va-Bank””;
    • “Business newspaper”;
    • “A businessman in Yekaterinburg”.

    Through brokers

    Brokerage companies specializing in sales not only act as intermediaries, but also perform a number of functions, such as valuation of assets and potential profits, legal and accounting verification, etc. In addition, they provide the services of a guarantor in the transaction. Here are the best of such companies:

    “Altera Invest”

    • address: st. Radishcheva, d. 6A, B / ts Suvorov, office. 21305;
    • phone: + 7-343-237-25-33, + 7-800-555-78-62;
    • website:;
    • e-mail:

    “Ekaterinburg Ready Business Agency”

    • address: ul. Shaumyana, d. 73 office 606;
    • phone: + 7-343-382-44-04;
    • website:;
    • e-mail:

    “Ural Broker”

    • address: st. Gogolya, d. 25, letters A;
    • phone: + 7-343-372-41-80;
    • website:;
    • e-mail:

    DM Capital

    • address: st. Chelyuskintsiv, d. 2, d / ts “Mikron”, office. 113;
    • phone: + 7-343-214-81-11;
    • website:;
    • e-mail:

    “Business Invest”

    • address: st. Krasina, d. 3;
    • phone: + 7-343-200-60-45, + 7-343-382-19-57;
    • website:;
    • e-mail:

    “Legal Business”

    • address: st. Narodnoi Volya, d. 19A, office 906;
    • phone: + 7-343-200-06-20;
    • website:;
    • e-mail:

    We are looking through bulletin boards

    One of the easiest ways to find the right company to buy from is bulletin boards. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Through sites

    You can also search for offers on Yekaterinburg and thematic sites:

  • Now that you know where to find business for sale ads, all that’s left to do is choose what works for you and make your purchase. but Be attentive: In this area, you can easily run into fraudsters.


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    7 fatal mistakes that destroy small business


    In Ukraine, as well as in other CIS countries, the organization of one’s own business is a profitable and profitable occupation. When people think of entrepreneurship, images of famous Russian businessmen pop up in their minds: Volodymyr Lisin, Mykhailo Prokhorov, Oleg Deripaska, Oleksiy Mordashov were featured in Forbes magazine more than once.

    However, history is silent about the thousands of people whose businesses crashed just a couple of months after launch. To avoid problems and subsequent bankruptcy of the enterprise, you should listen to the following advice and apply them in practice.

    TOP-7 mistakes of novice entrepreneurs

    1. Avoidance of competition. People who know absolutely nothing about entrepreneurship think that in order to build a business, one should choose a narrow specialization of the enterprise, based on the following opinion: if there are few offers of any product on the market, even if it is unpopular, it will sell with a bang.

    But the creation of a business based on a marginal industry niche promises further destruction, because there is much less demand for narrow-profile products or services. Healthy competition will be a tool for the company’s progress;

    2. Independent business management. Even if you feel the energy to move mountains, starting a business is a tough challenge that will break you. By taking over the management of all areas of the enterprise, you are strengthening yourself with excessive responsibility. It is advisable to divide the work front between several people, otherwise you will not live to see the success of the company;

    3. Bad location. No one will get to a newly opened company located on the outskirts of the city if there are dozens of similar ones in the center. Look for such premises so that the goods or services are within reach of people: it is desirable to have a business at your disposal in developed areas of the city;

    4. Neglecting to create a website for business. About 80% of people often visit the Internet, where they learn important information for themselves. With the help of a search query about the purchase or provision of services, people will also learn about your company. When advertising a business, focus on your own website on the Internet;

    5. Insufficient financial investments. The less money you invest in the enterprise, the worse the quality of the goods sold or the services provided becomes. Even famous corporations are not forgiven for this kind of attitude towards customers, let alone a business beginner. The company simply will not form a client base, as a bad reputation will spread about it;

    6. There is little time for work. Entrepreneurs first live in business, spend the night at the workplace, and celebrate celebrations there. In the early days, you will have to spend about 80% of the effort and time on business development, and get 20% of the profit for everything. But after half a year or a year, the situation changes: the spent efforts are already working for the businessman. Therefore, if the organization of your own company is nothing more than a hobby for you, do not expect a high profit;

    7. Using outdated ideas. The question probably arises: “Why reinvent the wheel, if a lot of businessmen have already gone down the path that I am starting?” After all, you can use already applied ideas, and the business will develop rapidly.

    But a business plan that worked once will not lead to success twice, as people are interested in new things. Therefore, before starting the enterprise, work on the main idea of ​​the business. Let it be something fresh, bold and extraordinary!

    Do not be afraid to make a loud statement about yourself, develop the skills of entrepreneurial thinking and do not make mistakes that have already been discovered before you – and guaranteed.

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    The best movies about business


    It’s no secret that movies about business are one of the strongest motivators: many entrepreneurs can remember the exact moment when they decided to start a business, and for some of them, this decision is strongly linked to a certain movie. In this article, we have collected a large list of films about business and how to do it.

    Content of the article:

    • “The Wolf of Wall Street”, 2013 IMDb: 8.20
    • “In pursuit of happiness”, 2006, IMDb: 7.90
    • “Jobs: Empire of Temptation”, 2013 IMDb: 5.90
    • “Wall Street”, 1987, IMDb: 7.40
    • “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, 2010, IMDb: 6.30
    • “The Social Network”, 2010, IMDb: 7.80
    • “Risk Limit”, 2011, IMDb: 7.10
    • “In the company of men”, 2010, IMDb: 6.80
    • “The Firm”, 1993, IMDb: 6.80
    • “Informer!”, 2009, IMDb: 6.50
    • Jerry Maguire 1996 IMDb: 7.30
    • “Vicious Passion”, 2012, IMDb: 6.60
    • “They smoke here”, 2005, IMDb: 7.60
    • “Con artist”, 1999, IMDb: 6.30

    “The Wolf of Wall Street”, 2013 IMDb: 8.20

    This biopic tells the story of a young stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, who got rich quickly thanks to innate charisma, sales talent and the right approach to clients, but lost everything due to violations of stock exchange laws.

    “In pursuit of happiness”, 2006, IMDb: 7.90

    Chris Gardner is raising a young son by himself and works as a salesman. The salary is not enough to pay the bills and they end up on the street. But Chris’s motivation is strong, and he does not give up – instead, Gardner takes a job as an intern at a large brokerage firm, in the hope that after the internship period, for which he is not paid a cent, he will be able to solve all his financial problems and provide his son with a decent life.

    “Jobs: Empire of Temptation”, 2013 IMDb: 5.90

    The Steve Jobs biopic tells how a young specialist, starting from scratch, created a real empire, becoming a style icon and the embodiment of a modern business person.

    “Wall Street”, 1987, IMDb: 7.40

    This picture tells the story of a young but very ambitious New York broker, Bud Fox, who is ready to do anything to climb to the shiny top. For this, he makes a dubious deal with an experienced businessman Gordon Gekko, who helps him understand all the subtleties of craftsmanship. But the main lesson that Gekko gives his protégé: “Greed is good!”.

    “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, 2010, IMDb: 6.30

    Years after the events of the first film, Gordon Gekko finally gets out of prison, where he got into as a result of a stock scam, and enters a completely new world. Yes, his working methods are outdated. Yes, the reputation suffered. Yes, he has no money. But he’s still Gordon Gekko. And besides, he has a daughter who is about to marry a promising young broker. The main thing to remember is that greed is good!

    “The Social Network”, 2010, IMDb: 7.80

    The film is devoted to the history of the creation of Facebook – the world’s largest social network, which began as a student development and turned into a multibillion-dollar conglomerate, making its founders the youngest multimillionaires in the world.

    “Risk Limit”, 2011, IMDb: 7.10

    This picture tells about the events of the night preceding the beginning of the global financial crisis, which exploded in the fall of 2008 and destroyed hundreds of large and small enterprises around the world. A group of analysts and top managers of one of the investment companies working on Wall Street must make the most important decision in their lives and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

    “In the company of men”, 2010, IMDb: 6.80

    To cut losses, GTX Corporation begins mass layoffs, closing branches across the country. People who faced this, starting from the most insignificant employees and ending with the co-founder of the company, were forced to get rid of their old habits and seriously take up the fight against the circumstances, dramatically changed their lives.

    “The Firm”, 1993, IMDb: 6.80

    A young and extremely ambitious graduate of the law faculty of Harvard University is invited to work in a small company. An ambitious lawyer dreams of fast career growth, expensive cars and luxury apartments, but he soon finds out that the firm he joined is engaged in servicing the most influential mafia clans in Chicago. To refuse to cooperate with these people is to sign a sentence, but to continue working for the company means to fall under the hood of the FBI.

    “Informer!”, 2009, IMDb: 6.50

    Mark Whitaker, a promising employee of the large agro-industrial holding “Archer Daniels Midland”, is forced to become a snitch and report on the affairs of his company to the FBI. This is how government agents learn that an international corporation is artificially raising the prices of its products, but it will cost Whitaker a lot.

    Jerry Maguire 1996 IMDb: 7.30

    Sports agent Jerry Maguire, fired for criticism of his management, decides to open his own firm. Everything would have gone smoothly, despite the circumstances, if not for Maguire’s former colleagues, for whom, as it turned out, all methods are good. And Jerry perfectly understands that if he gives up now, he will never be able to get back on his feet.

    “Vicious Passion”, 2012, IMDb: 6.60

    Robert Miller is an ordinary swindler with incredible charisma, which allows him to turn his affairs around. But, of course, air trading cannot last long, and one day Miller decides to sell his hedge fund to one of the largest banks in the country. The main thing is to do it before his machinations are revealed. But unforeseen events make adjustments to Robert’s plan.

    “They smoke here”, 2005, IMDb: 7.60

    Nick Naylor is a professional lobbyist working for a major tobacco company. Despite the fact that Nick effectively promotes the customer’s product in movies and on television, he himself has never smoked in his life. For him, such a lobby is nothing more than a well-paid job, and in the end it will play a cruel joke on Naylor.

    “Con artist”, 1999, IMDb: 6.30

    Nick Leeson, a young and promising specialist, gets a job at the large Berings bank. Nick has to keep track of the bank’s assets and engage in stock market trading. Emboldened by the first successes, Nick soon makes a series of fatal mistakes that lead to the loss of colossal sums. In order to hide his failure, Leeson is forced to go to an elaborate scam, but over time he only gets more and more encumbered in a web of lies.

    This is only a small part of the films about business that you can easily buy or watch online on popular resources. Each of these films will be able to teach you something, and maybe even.

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    How to make a commercial proposal (sample)


    Advertising, as you know, is the engine of trade, and therefore the query: “how to make a commercial offer: a sample” is searched on the Internet by both individual entrepreneurs and representatives of commercial companies. Compiling competent and working KPs is a difficult task that requires knowledge of certain rules and subtleties. You can familiarize yourself with a sample of a standard KP and learn the rules for writing good proposals for clients in this article.

    Content of the article:

    • Types and tasks of commercial proposals
    • General rules for drawing up a KP
    • Mandatory elements of a commercial offer
    • Sample commercial offer
      • Cooperation on unique terms. We offer:
      • Advantages of Holicsa cosmetics:
    • Why commercial offers do not work

    Types and tasks of commercial proposals

    The task of the KP is to attract the attention of potential customers to the products or services of the offer compiler. The organizer can be both a large manufacturing or trading company, and a self-employed private individual.

    There are two types of offers: hot and cold. Cold ones are offers addressed to all potential buyers, hot ones are KPs aimed at a specific consumer (person or company).

    General rules for drawing up a KP

    A commercial offer is an official appeal to potential customers, so it is written in a business style. The phrases in it should be short and logical, and the structure should be easy to read.

    It is not necessary to make the appeal to buyers too long – it is desirable to fit all the information on one A4 sheet. You should not offer a lot of services or goods in one application – 1-2 types will be enough.

    It is advisable to make a CP on company letterhead, indicating all possible methods of communication.

    Mandatory elements of a commercial offer

    The structure of offers for customers can be different: elements can be swapped, modified, or added. However, any working KP must contain the following components:

    • The topic – you need to come up with a bright, attractive one that arouses interest.
    • Information about the seller of the product (or service) – the name, what he does, how many years on the market and other important facts for the buyer.
    • The proposal is the most important part in which the client’s problem is described and the ways to solve it are provided by the product (service).
    • Description of product advantages and customer benefits – it is necessary to distinguish the product from a number of similar ones, revealing its differences and strengths. For typical goods, the method of providing additional services is used.
    • Prices and options for cooperation – indicating prices in the CP is desirable, but not mandatory – sometimes you can simply indicate attractive terms of cooperation.
    • Incitement to purchase – a call to action can be both direct and indirect in nature. In this part, it is necessary to explain to the buyer how to make the order correctly.
    • Contacts – it is necessary to specify as many means as possible for communication: phones, e-mail. mail, site address and actual location.

    Sample commercial offer

    Ideal cosmetics to preserve eternal youth

    Popular cosmetics from South Korea conquer the residents of Ukraine with their properties. Thousands of girls and women successfully use Holicsa brand products to preserve their youth and beauty.

    Holicsa decorative and caring cosmetics includes in its assortment more than 1,500 names of products for maintaining the beauty and youth of the skin, hair and body. Unique developments by scientists, as well as natural minerals and herbs make all Holicsa products useful and safe.

    “Trevoskina” LLC has been cooperating with Holicsa cosmetics manufacturer for more than 5 years and is its largest distributor in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

    Cooperation on unique terms. We offer:

    – online cosmetics and perfumery stores; – retail stores of multi-brand cosmetics; – private individuals, to sell Holicsa cosmetics in their region or city.

    Advantages of Holicsa cosmetics:

    1. Unique natural components. 2. High quality and a wide price range. 3. Fast delivery to the regions. 4. Favorable terms for partners when ordering from $1,000.5. Flexible pricing and discounts from 5% on deliveries from $3000.

    All cosmetics are equipped with stickers with a translation into Russian, have certificates and permission to sell.

    The order can be placed on the website: www … .., where you can get expert advice and download a complete product catalog.

    Phone for details: 8 (499) 123-45-67

    Why commercial offers do not work

    The main reasons for the decrease in the effect of KP are the incorrect presentation of important information in it. Long or difficult-to-understand proposals do not work well – people simply do not read them to the end. The lack of advantages and benefits for customers reduces the interest in the product for the majority of people. Whether it will work or not, a commercial offer is not interesting to buyers – something that does not offer to solve their problems, but simply tells about the wonderful properties of the product.

    A commercial offer is the most important element of self-promotion, and promotion and promotion of business largely depends on how it will be composed. Learn the rules for drawing up effective KPs, and the probability of your business’s prosperity will increase significantly.

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    How to register a trademark in Ukraine


    Today we will tell you how to register a trademark in Ukraine. A trademark is a word or phrase, a picture, a graphic image, and can be represented by the form of packaging itself or sound accompaniment.

    Also, a trademark can look like a combination of a word and a package or a picture. In fact, there are no restrictive frameworks in this respect.

    Content of the article:

    • Why do you need a trademark?
    • What steps must be taken to obtain a trademark
    • Procedure for trademark registration
    • What documents need to be submitted to the Russian patent office
    • Examination of all documents
    • Expert verification of the trademark

    Why do you need a trademark?

    The main and unique task is to distinguish the products or services of this manufacturer from others, advertise their best qualities and characteristics. So that clients and buyers, when buying a product, are guided by the trademark to which the manufacturer owns the product, and can quickly and reliably distinguish it from similar products of competitors.

    Entrepreneurs, producing products, try to occupy a worthy place on the domestic and international market. And in this regard, a certain task arises: to protect your product from low-quality counterfeits of all kinds and fraudsters.

    This task is solved by the manufacturer’s trademark. The presence of a trademark helps to avoid unpleasant confrontations with detractors, fraudsters and to increase the rating of product quality, the authority of the company and the respectful and grateful attitude of buyers to your goods. Registration of a brand takes from two to twelve months.

    What steps must be taken to obtain a trademark

  • creation of the form of the sign itself;
  • determination of the class of the international classification of services and goods;
  • submission of your developments for review by the registration commission;
  • providing documents for registration;
  • examination of all documents;
  • expert verification of the trademark.
  • Procedure for trademark registration

    Creation of the form of the sign itself. The form of the trademark can be invented by oneself or transferred to specialized firms. Of course, legal and offices that deal with these issues will do it much faster and more qualified.

    Class of the international classification of services and goods. Here it is more difficult – knowledge of patent law is required. It is advisable to entrust this work to professionals. First of all, you need to decide on the international classification of works and services, choose to which class your type of activity belongs and the trademark project.

    Submission of the registration commission of your developments for verification. At this stage, the commission checks your sign form for identity. If you find matches, you will have to search for a new form of the sign. In order not to waste time, you can first search for already existing trademarks in the registration catalog.

    Submission of documents for registration. This stage of work is the most responsible.

    What documents need to be submitted to the Russian patent office

    • the owner submits an application indicating all his details;
    • your trademark sample is provided in two copies in black and white, as well as two copies in color;
    • its detailed description in writing;
    • a complete list or by groups, according to the MKTP class, with which you will label goods and services;
    • in the case of using a trademark on behalf of a company, i.e. a legal entity, the organization’s charter should also be provided;
    • if the documents are submitted by an individual, it is necessary to also attach documents for his registration;
    • in case of submission of documents, the patent representative additionally submits a power of attorney from your person with a signature and seal, which will confirm the legal right to conduct operations.

    Examination of all documents

    The process will last from one to two months. At this stage, all requirements and conditions for obtaining the right to use the trademark are checked. Errors, inaccuracies are detected, omissions are clarified. If they are detected, the materials are returned for revision.

    In this regard, it is better to use the services of specialists who work according to this profile, as they are thoroughly familiar with all the intricacies and features of the documentation. Upon successful completion, an appropriate certificate and referral to a second examination is issued.

    Expert verification of the trademark

    After an expert check of the condition and availability of documents, an expert analysis of the trademark is carried out for compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Such an inspection has no time limit and can last up to one year.

    In the case of a positive decision, you pay the state duty to the budget of the Russian Federation, and you are issued a certificate for the right to use the trademark. The mark itself is entered in the relevant state register and acquires official status.

    The legislation of Ukraine provides for the use of trademarks within 10 years from the date of their issuance.


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    What taxes does an IP pay in Ukraine


    It is quite difficult for the majority of novice entrepreneurs to understand what taxes a sole trader pays in Ukraine. Meanwhile, this question is one of the most important when planning a successful business in the future. In this article, we will analyze the main systems of taxation of entrepreneurs, their nuances, advantages and disadvantages.

    Content of the article:

    • Types of tax systems and categories of payments
      • Each of the regimes provides for the payment of taxes of different categories:
    • Payment of fixed payments
    • List of agency fees
    • Taxation depending on the accounting system
      • Taxes under the usual accounting system (OSNO)
      • Taxes under the simplified accounting system (SSO)
      • Taxes under the Internal Revenue Service, the patent regime and the State Tax Administration
    • Other taxes

    Types of tax systems and categories of payments

    In Ukraine, entrepreneurs can work and remit taxes to the state within one of 5 tax systems:

    1. Conventional system (OSNO). 2. System of simplified taxation (USNO). 3. System of taxation with a single income tax (ENVD). 4. Patenting system.5. The system of payment of the Unified Agricultural Tax (ESHN).

    Each of the regimes provides for the payment of taxes of different categories:

    • fixed and agency taxes for yourself and for employees;
    • taxes provided for by the selected taxation system;
    • other taxes, mandatory for any tax regimes.

    Payment of fixed payments

    Payments related to this group are mandatory for entrepreneurs under any system. Not only that, but fixed payments must be paid to all sole proprietors, regardless of whether they were engaged in economic activity or not. The group includes two taxes, their amount is the same for everyone and is recalculated every year:

    • Tax in PF Ukraine (Pension Fund) – in 2015 it is 18,610.80 hryvnias.
    • Tax to the Medical Insurance Fund (MFIFS) – in 2015 it is 3,650.58 hryvnias.

    Both amounts must be transferred to the state by December 31 of the current year. You can pay both in installments (quarterly) and once. If the income from entrepreneurship for the year exceeded the amount of 300 thousand hryvnias, then by April 1 of the following year, 1% of the excess amount must be paid to the PF.

    List of agency fees

    The entrepreneur acts as an agent and is obliged to transfer taxes to non-budgetary organizations only if he uses the labor of employees and pays them wages. And labor contracts, and subcontracts, and one-time contracts for the provision of services – all of them are the basis for calculating taxes to extrabudgetary funds.

    Agency payments include:

    • personal income tax (PIT) – it is 13% of the income accrued to the employee and is recalculated on the day of payment of the amount of money;
    • insurance contributions to the Pension Fund from the employee’s income – 22%;
    • insurance contributions to the FSS of Ukraine (Social Insurance) – 5.1%;
    • insurance contributions to the medical insurance fund (FFOMS) – 2.9%.

    Insurance premiums must be paid by the 15th of each month.

    Taxation depending on the accounting system

    Taxes under the usual accounting system (OSNO)

    By default, all IPs are located on the regular accounting system immediately after registration, if documents for transfer to one of the special regimes were not submitted in advance. This system is the most difficult for accounting and the most expensive for entrepreneurs, because it involves the payment of all taxes in accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation:

    • VAT – at the rates of 0%, 10%, 18% – every month until the 20th.
    • Personal income tax – replaces income tax and is paid in the amount of 13% of income in advance payments three times a year.
    • tax on property owned by a sole trader – 2.2% of the average annual value.

    Advance payments are transferred once a quarter.

    • local taxes.

    Taxes under the simplified accounting system (SSO)

    SSO – the accounting system most loved by entrepreneurs, which allows you to replace the payment of most taxes with one calculated based on the income received. The simplified system offers two options for determining the amount of this tax:

    • payment of tax on all incomes in the amount of 6%;
    • payment of tax on the difference between received income and expenses incurred to ensure the possibility of receiving this income – 15%.

    The calculation option must be selected immediately when filing documents for the SSO, and it can be changed only at the beginning of the year. The tax is paid in advance every quarter by the 25th and at the end of the year by April 30.

    Unfortunately, not all PEs can use the simplified accounting system, because restrictions may be imposed on the types of activities, the cost of fixed assets, the amount of income and the number of personnel.

    Taxes under the Internal Revenue Service, the patent regime and the State Tax Administration

    Entrepreneurs engaged in specific types of activities can use one of the regimes, which also provide for the payment of a single tax that replaces all other assessments.

    • Single income tax (ENVD) is paid by sole proprietors engaged in activities included in the special list. The amount of tax is calculated based on the hypothetical amount of income from entrepreneurship and a special coefficient, annually established by the state. ENVD is recalculated once a quarter.
    • The patent system can be used by an IP to deal with a narrow list of works included in the patent list. In this case, the entrepreneur pays only the cost of the patent obtained for a certain period. Tax for a patent is paid once or in two amounts, depending on the term of its validity.
    • The single agricultural tax (ESKHN) – can be paid only by sole proprietors engaged exclusively in agricultural work (at least 70% of the profit must be brought by them). The amount of the tax is 6% of the entrepreneur’s net profit, and it is paid in the form of advances every quarter.

    Other taxes

    Depending on the direction of the entrepreneur’s activity, there may be a need to pay some specific taxes:

    • when trading in excise goods – excise payments;
    • in the case of business related to the use of water and natural resources – water tax and fees for the use of objects of the animal and aquatic world;
    • when extracting minerals – mining tax, as well as many others.

    As you can see, there are quite a lot of tax systems for entrepreneurs, and the amount of taxes that must be paid can vary significantly. In order to choose the optimal mode for his activity, the entrepreneur should carefully study each of them, or ask for advice from tax specialists.

    Video on the topic:


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    How to buy a business in Moscow from the owner


    In the conditions of fierce competition in the capital, buying a business in Moscow from the owner to start a successful business is a completely logical and effective move.

    The finished enterprise does not require organizational investments, and the costs of its development are much lower than when working from the “zero cycle”.

    Our article will tell you in detail which enterprises are the most profitable for acquisition and where to look for their direct sale.

    Content of the article:

    • What are the advantages of a ready-made business
    • Where to buy a ready-made business from the owner
      • Printed publications with announcements about the sale of a business
      • Internet resources with ads for sale
    • Businesses profitable for purchase in Moscow
    • Risks when buying a ready-made business
      • What should you be afraid of when buying a business?
    • Nuances of buying a ready-made business

    What are the advantages of a ready-made business

    The purchase of a ready-made business is beneficial both for beginners in entrepreneurship and for professionals who do not want to deal with the organization and promotion of the company from the very beginning.

    A ready-made company, as a rule, has well-chosen personnel, a stable assortment of goods sold (or services provided), established relations with suppliers and customers, as well as sufficient profitability in work.

    That is,the buyer should only maintain the operation of the enterprise at an appropriate level, and make a profit.

    At the same time, a ready-made business can be actively developed both in a given direction and by radically changing its idea.

    Where to buy a ready-made business from the owner

    The sale of ready-made businesses, today, is put on stream.

    Both their owners and intermediary organizations sell ready-made firms. Sales announcements are placed in printed business publications and on specialized Internet sites.

    Printed publications with announcements about the sale of a business

    • weekly almanac Kommersant Groshi;
    • RBC magazine;
    • Expert magazine;
    • Russian business newspaper;
    • Z Ruk v Ruki newspaper.

    Internet resources with ads for sale

    • BusinessesForSale.
    • Biz-trading.
    • Avito

    Businesses profitable for purchase in Moscow

    Depending on the cost, Moscow entrepreneurs prefer to buy the following types of businesses:

    • among companies worth up to 300,000 rubles. leading online stores, travel companies, IT service companies, recruitment agencies and training courses.
    • in a group up to 500,000 rubles. retail stores and wholesale companies are popular, followed by exchange offices, communication salons, legal and repair companies.
    • the group of businesses up to UAH 1 million is headed by real estate agencies and bars.

    Risks when buying a ready-made business

    Buying a ready-made business is also associated with certain risks, which should be tried to be minimized.

    What should you be afraid of when buying a business?

    First, risks related to real estate and rent. Before buying, it is necessary to carefully study the lease agreement for premises, land and equipment, as well as check the correctness of registration of ownership rights to objects.

    Second, risks related to personnel. It is necessary to find out how stable and loyal the workforce is to changes. If problems are likely, take care of finding new employees in advance.

    Third, risks related to key customers and suppliers. It is necessary to find out how the main partners will react to the change of owner, and whether it will be possible to painlessly replace them in case of impossibility of cooperation.

    Nuances of buying a ready-made business

    Before the purchase and sale transaction, the parties conclude an agreement of intent for a certain period.

    During this period, the buyer is provided with all necessary information about the company and its work, including confidential information.

    The buyer, in turn, transfers to the owner the security payment specified in the contract.

    After a comprehensive inspection of the company by specialists, the parties sign a contract of sale, and the company is transferred to the ownership of the buyer.

    Despite the presence of risks, it is beneficial for entrepreneurs who value their time and energy. Many interesting ideas and plans can be implemented by purchasing a ready-made business in the desired direction.


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    How to buy Oschadbank shares for an individual


    Sberbank of Ukraine is the largest and most reliable bank in our country. In addition, it is the most actively developing. This makes it one of the best options for long-term investment of citizens’ own funds. At the same time, the purchase of bank shares is a much more profitable investment than a simple bank deposit. You can learn about how to buy Oschadbank shares from this article.

    Content of the article:

    • how profitable
    • Where to buy
      • Purchase at Oschadbank
    • Types of shares of Oschadbank
    • dividends
      • Maximum profit
    • risks

    How profitable

    The profitability of purchasing shares of Oschadbank of Ukraine depends entirely on the time of their purchase. So, for example, at the beginning of the crisis period, the shares of Oschadbank, like the securities of other Russian banks, not only did not grow, but depreciated. However, as history shows, this process does not last long, after which shares begin to rise in price again. To calculate the approximate profit from investing in Oschadbank shares, you can use the “Investor Calculator” – a special tool presented on the official website of Oschadbank.

    For reference

    Despite the serious economic crisis in Ukraine, the increase in the value of shares in the period from January 1, 2014 to July 1, 2015 was about 30 percent.

    Where to buy

    Oschadbank’s shares are traded on MICEX and RTS – the largest Russian stock exchanges, but it will not be possible to purchase them on your own – by law, a private person cannot purchase securities. In order to buy shares, you need to contact an intermediary – a professional participant in the securities market (broker) – and conclude a brokerage service agreement with him (open a brokerage account).

    After the investor deposits funds into a personal brokerage account, he will be able to carry out transactions on the securities market. The most convenient way to carry out purchase and sale operations on the stock market is online trading, but you can also contact the broker by phone or in another way.

    Purchase at Oschadbank

    You can buy shares in Oschadbank itself. To do this, you need to conclude a contract with the bank for brokerage services. This can be done at almost any bank branch. For most citizens, such a purchase of Oschadbank shares is the most convenient.

    Types of shares of Oschadbank

    Like many other joint-stock companies, Sberbank has two types of shares: ordinary and preferred. Both types of shares are traded on stock exchanges. The main difference between ordinary and preferred shares is that only ordinary shares give the right to vote (1 share – 1 vote). But taking into account the total value of OJSC “Sberbank of Russia” for the absolute majority of investors, this is not significant. But preferred shares provide significant income, and higher income.


    Dividends are a part of the company’s profit that is distributed among shareholders according to the number of shares owned by them. Sberbank regularly pays dividends to owners of its shares in the amount set by the bank’s Supervisory Board. In the last few years, the dividend was about 20 percent of the profit. You can get acquainted with statistics on dividends on the official website of Oschadbank.

    Maximum profit

    To receive income in the form of dividends, it is better to buy preferred shares, since dividends on such securities are accrued first and are traditionally higher than on ordinary shares.


    Oschadbank shares are a fairly stable asset, so the main risk in their acquisition lies in choosing a broker. In stock trading, as in other areas, there are many fraudsters, so you should trust your funds only to those brokerage companies that have a good reputation.

    As you can see, it is not at all difficult for an individual to buy savings bank shares. In addition, to ensure even a small but stable passive income from shares, you will need very little money – 200-300 thousand hryvnias is quite enough.


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    Which cities in Ukraine are better to live and work in?


    People who strive for self-realization often look for better places to live and work in Ukraine. This question worries many, and now we will try to figure out which cities and why they can force a person to become their resident.

    Content of the article:

    • Which cities are the best for living, working and doing business
      • Kyiv.
      • Ivano-Frankivsk.
      • Kharkiv.
      • Odesa.

    Which cities are the best for living, working and doing business


    The capital of Ukraine really attracts many people not only from the entire vast territory, but also from countries near and far abroad. The standard of living here is the highest in the country. However, is everything as smooth and colorful as it seems to everyone at first glance?


    • the most jobs;
    • high salaries;
    • mass of cultural and entertainment centers;
    • high quality of education, medicine;
    • development of transport connections;
    • the greatest prospects for the development of one’s own business.


    • high prices, instability in case of crisis;
    • overpopulation and overcrowding of the city by road transport;
    • the environmental situation in general is not very favorable;
    • great competition in almost all areas of business;
    • increased level of crime.

    As you can see, it is worth thinking about whether it is worth sacrificing something for the sake of living in this city. And isn’t it better to think about something less populated, but no less promising?


    This city was not chosen by chance. According to surveys, it was determined that almost all residents, namely 98%, are very satisfied with life in the city. This applies to both native and immigrant people.


    • the city is developing and being built;
    • favorable ecology;
    • many jobs with good salaries;
    • a large number of educational institutions with good quality of education;
    • due to the constant development and expansion of the city, there are great opportunities to create your own business.


    • permanent queues in kindergartens;

    Undoubtedly, this proposal can appeal to many people who want to start their own life development.


    Many people note that the standard of living in this city has grown a lot in recent years. This gives the visiting person a lot of advantages that can make him stay here for permanent residence.


    • rapid development of the city’s infrastructure;
    • a large number of jobs;
    • good salary (average in the region of 10 – 14 thousand hryvnias);
    • the number of schools, kindergartens and hospitals is very large;
    • an ever-growing number of recreational facilities and places of rest;
    • developed transport system;
    • climate. Proximity to the sea makes itself felt. Winter here is mild, summer is warm, sometimes even hot.


    • housing costs are higher compared to nearby cities;
    • the climate may not be suitable for asthmatics due to high humidity;

    As you can see, the whole catch lies only in the willingness to spend more money to buy an apartment. If you are ready to do this, then choosing Krasnodar will not be a mistake.



    • climate;
    • many jobs;
    • a lot of educational institutions;
    • advanced medicine, transport;

    Disadvantages Only one – the influx of people during the holiday period.

    As you can see, there are excellent options for moving and starting a new life. Ukraine is a huge country. And there are many good cities to start a new life.


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