How to independently open a microfinance organization (MFI) from scratch


Thinking about opening a microfinance organization (MFI)? In reality, everything is simpler than it seems! No special licensing is required for work, and the market is full of customers. After all, MFIs work mainly with small businesses and private borrowers, who often remain “overboard” of demanding bank lending.

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  • Who can open an MFI?
  • Legal registration. persons
  • Documents for registration of MFI
    • So, you need:
  • Unified register of MFIs
  • costs
  • profit

Who can open an MFI?

In order to register a microfinance organization, a legal entity is required. It can be almost any fund or institution, except budget, economic or non-commercial enterprises or their associations. A license is not required for this activityit is enough to get a certificate from the Federal Service (FSFR) that you are entered in the register.

Legal registration. persons

As for the choice of the form of organization, then the simplest and most profitable solution will be a limited liability company (). You will need:

  • Draw up the company charter;
  • Issue a decision on the establishment of an LLC;
  • Fill out and submit form 11001 to the Federal Tax Service (FSS), as well as pay state duty – 4 thousand hryvnias;
  • Appoint the General Director;
  • Choose a taxation system and prepare a corresponding statement;
  • You will also need a receipt confirming the payment of state duty and a copy of the charter.

Documents for registration of MFI

You can prepare the entire package of documents yourself from scratch. A relatively simple registration procedure is a significant advantage of this business.

So, you need:

  • A copy of the certificate of registration of a legal entity;
  • Photocopies of founding documents, as well as a copy of the decision to create a legal entity;
  • A photocopy of the decision on the appointment of executive bodies of jur. persons It is also necessary to specify their composition in detail at the time of submission of documents to the relevant authorized body;
  • Application for entering data on the legal entity. person to the state register of MFIs. It must be signed by the head of the company or a trusted person;
  • Information about the founders;
  • Actual address data;
  • List of submitted documents.
  • Unified register of MFIs

    After you have submitted all the documents to the Federal Tax Service, copies of them must also be sent to the nearest branch of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Attached to them is a request letter to include you in the unified register of MFIs.

    is provided for by law, that you must also publicly post online the terms on which the company provides the loan. At first, not even your own website, but a third-party resource, will do.

    Your application will be considered within two weeks. About ten days after you have submitted all the documents to the FSFR, you can check the registration.


    A big plus in organizing MFI activities is that you won’t need a lot of space. At least to begin with. Some manage to rent three square meters in a shopping center to equip their “corner”. But we will calculate everything provided that there is at least a minimal office. A room with an area of ​​10-12 square meters will be quite enough for the equipment of two workplaces. The rent will cost you approximately 7-9 thousand hryvnias per month.

    Two tables, chairs, a cabinet for documents, a computer and a printer are the main items of the office interior. About 50 thousand hryvnias are needed for them, provided that all the equipment is new. The salary of employees is at the level of 15-20 thousand hryvnias per month for each. Advertising expenses – another 5-10 thousand hryvnias.

    so, yours taking into account self-registrationas well as payments to employees and rent for the first month.


    The most important thing is your loan limit, that is, the money you can actually lend. At least 200,000 hryvnias are needed for this, if you are dealing with very small loans. For example, 5-10 thousand hryvnias for 20-30 days. For larger loans, the capital must be at least 500,000.

    The average rate of microfinance organizations is 2% per day. But remember that you should not count on a hundred percent refund. Issuance of microloans leaves less room for dealing with unscrupulous borrowers. Won’t you file a lawsuit every time you are detained or not paid 5-10 thousand. The average level of non-return is 25-30%, these are the funds that will be “lost” in any case.

    we calculate the profit, based on 300 thousand hryvnias as capital, as well as 25-35 clients per month. At first, this is a good indicator. Thus, the monthly income is within 200 thousand hryvnias, taking into account non-return – 150 thousand. Net profit – around 100,000 hryvnias.

    A microfinance company is a modern and sought-after enterprise. The main thing in his organization is to cope with numerous competitors and foresee all possible risks.

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