TOP 10 banks where it is better to take a cash loan on the day of applying for a passport, without income certificates


Given the eternal reinsurance of banks, getting a cash loan on the day of applying for a passport without proof of income seems like something fantastic. But it is possible, the main thing is to know where to turn. We have collected the 10 best banks where you can get a loan quickly and without providing any additional documents.

Let’s consider different banks, starting with the most “democratic” ones. We take as a basis the ratio of the annual interest rate and the maximum amount of the loan.

Content of the article:

  • 1. Aksonbank
  • 2. Renaissance Credit
  • 3. Communication-Bank
  • 4. Transcapitalbank
  • 5. Eastern Express Bank
  • 6. Vokbank
  • 7. Primsotsbank
  • 8. Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development
  • 9. Agrosoyuz
  • 10. Sovkombank
  • important nuances

1. Aksonbank

The most profitable option will be offered in Aksonbank. Here you can quickly get a fairly large loan and with a minimal overpayment.

  • Amount: up to USD 15,000.
  • Return period: up to three years.
  • Interest: from 14.5% per annum.
  • Requirements: passport.

Official website:

2. Renaissance Credit

The name of the program is “Cash Loan”. Remarkablewhich is also possible in this institution on condition of presentation of driver’s license, foreign passport, pension certificate.

  • Loan size: up to $8,000.
  • Repayment period: up to 45 months.
  • Percentage: from 15.9%.
  • Conditions: citizenship of the Russian Federation, the age of the borrower must be 24-65 years.

3. Communication-Bank

The program according to which cash is issued on the day of application, called “Just Credit”.

  • Amount: up to $3,000.
  • Refunds: within two years.
  • Rate: from 29.9%.
  • It is necessary: ​​having a passport, you can get a loan at the age of 21-60.

4. Transcapitalbank

You shouldn’t count on a big loan here, though the terms of its issuance are very attractive.

  • Size: up to $2,300.
  • Repayment: within five years.
  • Rate: from 24.7%.
  • Requirements: citizenship of the Russian Federation.

5. Eastern Express Bank

This is probably the fastest possible option. The client’s application is processed within 5 minutes and a decision is made immediately.

  • Amount: up to 3 thousand dollars.
  • Duration: up to three years.
  • Overpayment: from 33.5% per annum.
  • Required: citizenship of the Russian Federation, you can apply for money only from the age of 26.

6. Vokbank

Here you can apply for a loan with a minimum package of documents and receive funds in cash. The client’s application is considered immediately after it is filled out.

  • Size: up to $1,500.
  • Repayment terms: up to two years.
  • Interest rate: from 17.9%.
  • Requirements: citizenship of the Russian Federation, age from 23 years.

7. Primsotsbank

You can get money at this institution within an hour. The loan is small, but the repayment time has been significantly increased. In order to be able to receive a larger amount, such a document as a certificate of income is already required.

  • Amount: $1,500.
  • Repayment: no later than five years.
  • Interest: from 26%.
  • Issuance conditions: citizenship of the Russian Federation, availability of no more than three active loans, age of the borrower over 23 years.

8. Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development

Bank offices are located throughout the country, the client’s request is processed in 15-20 minutes. Despite the long repayment term for an express loan and a considerable loan limit, the amount of overpayment can make you think.

  • Loan funds: up to three thousand dollars.
  • Debt repayment: within 4 years.
  • Interest: from 50% per annum.
  • Borrower requirements: passport, age over 21 years.

9. Agrosoyuz

In this institution, it is possible urgently according to the program “Svitlofor-Express”.

  • Size: up to $1150.
  • Duration: up to two years.
  • Interest rate: from 59.9%.
  • Conditions: having a passport.

10. Sovkombank

It will not be possible to borrow a lot of money here, but the bank gives the opportunity to issue a loan to persons who have not reached the age of 21. Quick loan program called “Express Plus”.

  • Size: up to $500.
  • Repayment period: up to one year.
  • Percentages: from 36.9%.
  • Required: the borrower must be a citizen of the Russian Federation, aged 20 or over.

Important nuances

Usually, the loan process takes several days and requires the presence of guarantors and proof of income. And instead of these demands, others are presented. For example, the interest rate will always be higher than the standard rate. The funds issued are not exorbitant (rarely more than 8 thousand dollars), and the time period for return is usually 1-5 years.

Some institutions are ready to issue money even to those who already have an active credit. You can find out the details of issuing an express loan and a preliminary decision on issuance online on the official website of the selected organization.

Otherwise, all organizations have their own conditions, percentages and duration of registration.

There are few institutions. But they can become a real lifeline for those who urgently need a small loan. The main thing is to strictly adhere to the payment terms in order to avoid trouble.

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