How to get help for small business development


Starting your own business is always difficult. And medium and small businesses almost always face huge competition and a lack of funds for development. How to find help for a small business that wants to “survive” in a huge market among a large number of competitors and not go bankrupt in the first months of its existence?

Content of the article:

  • Aid from the state
  • Development grants
  • subsidies
  • Small business support programs
  • lending
  • crowdfunding
  • investors

Aid from the state

New entrepreneurs can count on state assistance. This option is advantageously different from all kinds of loans in that there is no need to return the money in this case.

Development grants

What is needed in order to receive funds for development? Firstthe enterprise must be registered no more than a year ago. Second, the field of activity of the company is important. If you sell alcohol, tobacco products, work with real estate or provide equipment rental services, then in this case you can count on help from the state.

also the companycounting on financial assistance, should save no more than 400 million hryvnias per year, but such an enterprise does not need subsidies.

It is natural that received funds must be spent correctly – according to the intended purpose, otherwise they will have to be returned. Also, the funds must be realized within a year and reported to the state. It is worth noting that the state provides assistance only within certain limits, no one will fully pay all your expenses, this means that the entrepreneur himself must have certain means at his disposal.

examplethe state can invest 40% in the development of his business, but the rest of the money must come from the businessman himself.

The amount of financial assistance may vary in different regions. On average, you can get help from the state in the amount of 100-400 thousand hryvnias. The development grant is issued by small business development promotion funds, it is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development.


You can also get a government subsidy directly on. To do this, you need to register as unemployed. Then you should contact the local employment center, where you will be offered to develop a business plan for your project. Here you need to try to describe in as much detail as possible all the risks and benefits of your business, to prove that it is viable.

After that, this business plan will need to be defended at a commission meeting. And it will depend on her decision whether you will receive a subsidy or not. Some types of business refuse to finance at all, and some business plans simply ask for revision.

Small business support programs

You can also search for all kinds of programs aimed at supporting small businesses, in different regions they can be their own, and they often change.

This can be help in renting premises (certain benefits), free professional training of company employees, help in purchasing equipment for leasing (long-term loan with the right of redemption).


This is probably the most common way to get money for small business development. But it is also very difficult, because banks are trying to ensure a 100% return of their funds – the bank will not help without guarantees.

example, the so-called project financing is quite common. In this case, in order to receive funds, the entrepreneur must provide a clear business plan, considering which bank makes the decision to grant the loan.

In order for an entrepreneur to be granted a loan, he must be registered as an entrepreneur for at least one year, and his company must have been operating for at least three months. A deposit is required.


A completely new phenomenon in the field of business. This is the so-called public financing. On special online platforms for crowdfunding, you post a detailed description of your project, perhaps a business plan, various promotional materials and wait for interested users to start transferring funds to your account. The amounts can be completely different – from 50 hryvnias to hundreds of dollars.

And the most interesting thing, that this tactic “from the world by thread” works and every year it is more and more successful. Here, too, there are several points: for example, it is important to correctly estimate the required amount, otherwise it is good to get the necessary funds within the specified period (usually 1-3 months), and then they will simply be returned to the owners.

How and where the received funds are spent is usually also checked by the crowdfunding platform. For example, the amount is issued in installments when providing checks.


it is extremely difficult to find an investor, but you can try. This is a person who will invest money in your business in exchange for its return with interest or a certain percentage of the company’s profits. The greatest success in this method of finding funds is achieved by various innovative projects, scientific and technical developments.

can provide many organizations and even private individuals, the main thing is to decide on the source of funding from the very beginning and confidently step towards your goal.


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how can you quickly get a loan on a card without a credit check


Loans in general opinion are an incredible gloom, but it is actually possible to get a loan on a card without checking your credit history. If such a situation has already arisen that the funds are urgently needed, and there is no time to complete all the documents, there is a way out. Moreover, even a negative credit history is not an obstacle.

Content of the article:

  • who issues
  • documents
  • Sumy
  • Interest and terms
  • How to issue a microcredit
  • What may be the limitations
  • Which companies can you contact?

Who publishes

Microcredit companies are engaged in such loans. There are those that offer a loan in “offline” mode (you come directly to the office), and there are those that only require the Internet and a bank card to work with. The application is completed online in literally 10-20 minutes. After that, the necessary funds are transferred to your account or card. Just go online and select the service with the most favorable conditions for you.


Unlike bank loans, you do not need a certificate from the place of work, a guarantor or any collateral. Although you will still have to fill out a small online questionnaire. Of course, you need to indicate your passport number, place of residence and registration, contact information, approximate income level, marital status. If you are asked for any guarantees and deposits, to send money to someone’s phone, etc., look elsewhere. Unfortunately, there are enough fraudsters willing to “warm up” in such a case.


Since the credit history does not play a role here, of course, you do not have to count on particularly large amounts. Different companies are ready to issue different amounts, but on average, this figure ranges from 1,000 to 50,000 hryvnias. If you really need significant funds, you should contact several companies at once.

Interest and terms

Of course, you have to pay a lot for urgency. An average of 0.5-2 percent will be charged on the loan amount every day. That is, it is in your interest to return the money as soon as possible. Usually, such a loan is issued for 30-45 days. But after the end of the specified period, you need to immediately pay the entire amount with interest.

Larger companies are sometimes ready to offer more favorable terms, for example, a loan for 10-12 months with monthly or weekly payments. But processing such an application can take up to 20-30 minutes, and the questionnaire will be longer.

How to issue a microcredit

You can get a loan from absolutely anywhere in the world. And at any time of the day. Even late at night, your application will be processed very quickly. There are no checks on your ability to pay, but the veracity of the profile data can still be checked, so fill them out honestly. Try not to make mistakes, otherwise you will be refused a loan.

Registering on the website of the microcredit company, you provide information about yourself, send an application and wait for a response. The approved loan agreement usually needs to be confirmed with an electronic signature – via SMS. After that, your card receives funds that you can use as you wish. Such organizations do not track how you spend money. But the bank, issuing a loan for something, can well monitor it.

You can repay the debt using a credit card, bank transfer, terminal. Each company has its own best method. You need to find out about this in advance, so as not to get into an awkward situation later.

What may be the limitations

However, companies periodically refuse microloans to their clients or impose certain restrictions. First, more or less large organizations can still do a credit check, and secondly, the first loan can be small. For example, when contacting the company for the first time, you can count on no more than 8-10 thousand hryvnias. And in the future, the loan will be issued without this restriction.

Another factor is age. Most organizations work only with people who have reached the age of 20 or 21.

Which companies can you contact?

There are many similar organizations on the Internet. The most popular of them are: “Sms-finance”, “Moneyman”, “Money will be”, “Fast money”, “Home money”. However, if you are going to use the services of any organization, carefully read all the terms and conditions of microcredit on their website.

Yes, in a critical situation, you can always apply for financial assistance. The main thing is to correctly calculate your needs and opportunities.

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How to open a bank in Ukraine


The banking sector is extremely attractive due to its high profitability. Despite the fact that opening a bank is a rather complicated process, and the amount of investment even in a small credit organization is very large, many owners of large capital are thinking about opening their own bank.

In this article, we will consider in detail how to open a bank in Ukraine, what documents will be required for this and how much money will be required.

Content of the article:

  • How to open a bank – where to start
  • Opening a bank – choose the type of bank
    • Settlement banks
    • retail banks
    • Credit banks
    • market banks
    • interbank structures
  • How to open a bank – necessary documents
  • We open a bank – services
  • rooms
  • Costs and payback

How to open a bank – where to start

Before starting preparations for opening your bank, you should conduct a complete market analysis for the possibility of opening a new financial institution in a specific region, determine the type of future bank and evaluate the competition.

It is worth noting thatdespite the fact that competition in the banking sector is traditionally very high, banking services are in huge demand.

Thus, when opening a bank, it is necessary to determine which services are in the greatest demand, and which type of banking services is most in short supply.

Opening a bank – choose the type of bank

In total, there are five formats of banks today. Each of these types has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In addition, they all require a slightly different approach to work organization, different investments.

Settlement banks

A settlement bank is an institution in which the main emphasis is placed on settlement and cash operations.

Retail banks

A retail bank is a financial organization of a broad profile that offers clients the widest possible range of services.

Credit banks

A credit bank is a bank that specializes in lending. The bank’s assets are issued loans, and its liabilities are its own funds.

Market banks

A market bank is an organization specializing in securities. Assets of a bank of this format are valuable services, liabilities are equity.

Interbank structures

An interbank structure is a special bank specializing in conducting interbank transactions, and which receives income in the form of commissions from such transactions.

How to open a bank – necessary documents

To open a bank of any of the above types, the following documents will be required:

  • License of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to carry out banking activities (General license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation);
  • License of the Central Bank of Ukraine to carry out transactions with precious metals;
  • License of the Securities Market Commission of the Russian Federation;
  • Permit of the Customs State Committee of the Russian Federation;
  • Certificate of state inspections of the Russian Federation on the registration of a banking organization.

We open a bank – services

When the type of the future is chosen and the necessary documents are received, a plan should be drawn up for the range of services provided, focusing on the chosen format and bank capital.

It is worth noting that although a retail bank requires the largest investment, it is the best option in terms of attractiveness for customers who will be able to get all services in one place.


It should be borne in mind that there are special requirements for the premises in which banks are located, both in relation to the configuration and in relation to the materials of walls, partitions, doors and others. must be located in a place with good traffic and have an area of ​​at least 100 square meters. meters

Costs and payback

The total cost of opening a small regional bank is estimated by market experts at 500 million hryvnias (10 million dollars). If the bank will have 2-3 branches, this amount should be doubled. The average payback period of a banking organization in Ukraine is five to ten years.

We hope our article helped you get an idea of ​​how to open a bank from scratch. And although the risks in banking are extremely high, no other can boast of comparable profits in terms of volume.


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Where is better to invest money


Investments are not only an excellent way to ensure your financial independence, but also an opportunity to make good money. In this article, we will consider in detail where it is better to invest money: you will be able to find out which investments are the most profitable and which are the most reliable.

Content of the article:

  • with interest
  • We invest in real business
  • Actions
  • PIFs
  • Real estate
  • Precious metals

With interest

Despite the fact that many passive sources of income bring income in the form of interest from investments, most often the contribution of money with interest means a bank deposit. This is the most popular method of investment, but by no means the most profitable, since interest on bank deposits often does not even cover inflation.

This type of investment is most suitable for novice investors, since the risks are small and the entry threshold is low, a few tens of thousands of hryvnias are quite enough to get a small income. The optimal term of a bank deposit is from 3 to 6 months. The average yield is about 9% per annum.

We invest in real business

One of the most common problems faced by entrepreneurs is the lack of personal capital against the background of the lack of the possibility of obtaining a bank loan. Therefore, investing in a real business is, if not, one of the best. As in the case of a bank deposit, one of the advantages of this investment method is a low entrance threshold: on average – from 100 thousand hryvnias.

The main disadvantage of such investments – high risk of business destruction, as well as fraud on the part of the entrepreneur, so you can invest your money only in trusted projects. Profitability depends on the business in which the money is invested.


When buying securities of certain companies, you can both take a risk in the hope of a large and quick profit, and choose stable shares with a relatively low level of income. The main advantage is high flexibility.Among the shortcomings can be attributed the need for knowledge and experience, without which the acquisition of any shares is quite risky. The entrance threshold is average – in most large brokerage companies, the minimum portfolio is 200-300 thousand hryvnias.


PIFs – mutual investment funds – are organizations that have an investment fund of several private investors and dispose of it at their discretion. The cost of a share, i.e. a share of a fund, is quite low, while many people cannot choose the best investment of money themselves and this choice is made for them by professional management companies, most often investing investors’ funds in securities, real estate and even works of art. This makes mutual funds very popular.

Real estate

Real estate is the most stable of own funds. In addition, it can be very profitable – if you invest in houses under construction and sell ready-made apartments, earning 20-40% of investments. The most significant disadvantage of this investment option is the high entrance threshold – from one and a half million hryvnias.

Precious metals

Dear metals differ from many other methods of investment in that their growth always overlaps inflation, even in the most difficult crisis times. In this regard, such an investment can be considered one of the most stable. But such investments will not bring high profits, especially in the short term.

Now you know, so it’s time to go into practice – choose the appropriate type of investment and make a contribution. Remember that passive income is the key to financial well-being.


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How to save when paying off a loan


The most popular loan product is a cash loan, despite the high interest rates. At the same time, no security is required. However, most borrowers do not understand the terms of the loan, as a result, they have to pay large sums of money. In this situation, you can use methods that allow you to save money when repaying the loan.

Content of the article:

  • Early repayment
  • Insurance Company
  • Terms of the credit agreement
  • recrediting

Early repayment

To pay less interest, you should pay off all debt sooner. Therefore, early repayment is one of the ways to save on mandatory payments. Even partial repayment allows you to reduce the amount of debt. For this, you need to make more payments, about 20-30%.

It should also be noted that some lenders allow early repayment of the debt only a few months after the loan is issued, and an additional fee may also be charged. Therefore, before full or partial repayment, you should find out about the terms of payment.

Insurance Company

Many financial organizations impose the registration of health and life insurance. However, the borrower is not obliged to conclude a contract with the insurance company. Therefore, you can refuse such an offer or choose the most profitable insurance agency. Also, after full repayment of the debt, the insurance can be returned.

Terms of the credit agreement

In order not to overpay, you should follow all the terms and conditions of the credit agreement. In case of late payment, the credit institution increases the amount due to fines and fines. Very often, unscrupulous borrowers pay an amount that is several times higher. To avoid such problems, you should fulfill your obligations to the financial organization that granted the loan in a timely manner.


If the loan was issued at high interest rates, it can be repaid with another cash loan, which can be issued on more favorable terms, at least 2%. Refinancing is the process of issuing a new loan, which can be used to repay the current loan. To do this, you need to submit an application, collect the necessary documents and wait for the creditor’s decision. This will allow you to save a certain amount of money.

If at the time of registration you did not carefully familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the loan, then you should not worry too much. Try to make timely payments, and if possible, pay off the entire amount of the debt ahead of time. In a difficult financial situation, refinancing is the best option. In order not to look for answers to questions on credit, you should always carefully read the credit agreement.

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Business ideas for housewives


For one reason or another, sometimes women are forced to stay at home instead of work – it can be pregnancy, illness, the need to manage their affairs, and so on – and therefore business for housewives becomes a relevant and important topic.

Of course, you should not think that the opportunity to be a housewife in itself is some kind of recreation or entertainment. In fact, it is already almost hellish work, and yet modern women are looking for ways to earn at least some money despite the fact that they have to sit at home.

There are, in fact, enough options and you should consider some of them to have a general idea of ​​such commerce.

Content of the article:

  • painting studio
    • What will be needed?
  • dog clothes
    • specifics of demand
  • Internet business
    • specifics of the case

Painting studio

It is worth paying attention to such a business idea for housewives as the organization of a painting studio.

It’s no secret that in any big city there are enough special schools and colleges, teaching art, but all of them are quite professional institutions.

There are not enough similar institutions where children or teenagers who do not pretend to be professional artists later could learn to draw.

Why not take advantage of this by opening a similar school on a paid basis?

With proper advertising and the right approach before the organization, the number of visitors to such a school will gradually increase, because many parents understand the need to develop children’s creative abilities.

But only those people who:

  • By their own vocation, they are teachers, creative people;
  • They love (and most importantly – know how!) Communicate with children.
  • What will be needed?

    A bright room, chairs, a table, computer equipment, a variety of stationery with easels, etc., will be needed for the immediate organization of the case.

    Naturally, such a business cannot be opened without a certain initial capital, since you will probably have to pay for the rent of the premises, official registration of the IP, advertising campaign, purchase of furniture, necessary equipment, etc.

    It cannot be said that very large costs are expected by the standards of commerce – nevertheless, they exist and there is nowhere to go.

    As for the required area in the room, calculate based on the fact that forty squares are quite enough for ten people.

    If you cannot teach in an organized school on your own, you will have to think about hiring qualified staff. This, as you understand, is also an expense.

    Dog clothes

    Quite interesting is the production of dog clothes. It would seem that this is a factory or factory process and, moreover, home affairs here?

    However, more and more women today are engaged in tailoring these clothes, rather than clothes for people.

    People will buy the necessary things for themselves both on the market and in special salons – moreover, they will try to choose well-known brands, famous brands. But if there are clothes for animals in specialized stores, they are incredibly expensive – absolutely, by the way, unjustifiably .

    Accordingly, tailoring beautiful and original clothes if possible, using for this:

    • Inexpensive fabrics;
    • Other inexpensive materials.

    Specificity of demand

    Animal lovers will be happy to buy some exclusive costume from you, if the price is sky-high.


    As experts say, you don’t even need special talents here – they say, you can learn all this in a few weeks if you wish. If we talk about the sewing of the simplest options for robes, then here they are quite close to the truth.

    By the way, the same dogs are bought costumes not only because they want to see them dressed in the latest fashion. First of all, it is protection in the cold season from low temperatures.

    Take this as a starting point when you create your own production line and choose models for sewing. It is not for nothing that the greatest demand for such a product is registered closer to late autumn and the approach of winter.

    If you have the qualifications of a seamstress or simply have undeniable abilities for this wonderful business, you should definitely try yourself in this kind of business. It is quite possible that this step will be the first step of your further huge business success. Don’t miss the opportunity!

    Do not forgetfinally, – as a rule, information about the offered services remains in social networks, on city forums, relevant sites, etc. You can simply find an Internet board with city announcements and leave an advertisement there.

    Internet business

    The Internet usually involves writing articles for money. This is the skill of copywriting or rewriting. Today, with the help of such a business, you can make good money – especially since many exchanges have opened in the network, offering their services as intermediaries between customers and performers.

    Current and developing sites need new articles every day. In addition, an incredibly huge number of Internet resources are opened every day in just one runet.

    This meansthat the demand for articles, which must be written interestingly, uniquely and competently, is not decreasing, but only increasing.

    Specifics of the case

    However, it is not as easy as it may seem at first. In order to achieve certain successes in it, start earning decent money and get regular customers, you still need to be able to express yourself positively.

    Show yourself positively only if you can write articles. That is why, as a rule, excellent copywriters become people who previously engaged in (or studied) journalism.

    People with humanitarian education – for example, philology or pedagogy – also have a lot of chances. By the way, if we talk about a commercial business without investments, then the above-mentioned commerce is pure.

    You will only have to own computer equipment and pay for the Internet. By the way, there are exchanges that require a certain fee for registration – but is it worth registering there when there are enough others besides them. You should think carefully about all this and choose the most suitable option for yourself.


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    How to get a loan with a bad credit history and arrears


    In the life of any person, a situation may arise when the question: “how to get a loan with a bad credit history and arrears” arises very acutely. Funds to save the life or health of loved ones, to start a family, to buy a home – is it possible to get them in banks, having a reputation of not being a very good borrower? It is possible, perhaps! We will reveal several ways to do this completely legally and with high chances of success.

    Content of the article:

    • Credit history – how it becomes bad
    • Tarnished reputation of the client – how banks find out about it
    • Options for obtaining loans with a bad credit history
    • Bad credit history – how to fix it
    • Are banks loyal to violators?

    Credit history – how it becomes bad

    The borrower’s credit history can become bad both through his own fault and through the fault of the bank. Everything is more or less clear about the borrower’s fault: late payments, delays in closing debts, interest debts or previous loans. The bank’s fault may consist of untimely crediting to the account of funds deposited by the client, errors in the display of received payment amounts, in the calculation of the amounts of payments, interest, etc.

    Both those and other errors are automatically entered into the borrower’s credit history and spoil the client’s reputation for most credit organizations.

    Tarnished reputation of the client – how banks find out about it

    It would seem that how a loan default in one bank can affect the client’s reputation on the scale of a huge country? How do banks manage to quickly calculate negligent borrowers and deny them credit?

    The fact is that, when completing the documents for the first loan, the borrower consents to the transfer of credit information to the Credit History Bureau. This bureau combines the data of all banks working with the population and organizations on loans. Most of the solid and reliable banks are connected to BKI databases and quickly get the credit history of any client.

    Options for obtaining loans with a bad credit history

    Get a loan to a person with a bad credit history using the following actions:

    • Apply to a young bank, master the market and gain a customer base in Ukraine. Such banks issue loans to customers with a bad reputation, but their interest rates are high.
    • Apply for a loan secured by movable or immovable property.
    • Submit an application for a large loan or mortgage, which are considered individually. During the review, convince creditors of their solvency and guarantee timely repayment of the loan.
    • Contact a small regional bank that may not have access to the general loan base. Connecting special “credit brokers” can simplify the search for such banks, but the services of these intermediaries are not cheap. In addition, they work unofficially, so there is a high probability of encountering fraudsters.
    • Take a loan from a private person or a microcredit organization. In both cases, you need to be extremely careful, because there is a high probability of fraud. The interest on such loans is quite high.

    Bad credit history – how to fix it

    There are two ways to fix a bad credit history:

    1. Provide documents from the previous bank about the error that occurred due to their fault – if the data was incorrectly entered into the system.

    2. Take a loan from a small new bank or make purchases in a store and pay for them without delays or arrears. Data on the new loan will enter the BKI database and the credit history will improve.

    Are banks loyal to violators?

    Some large banks allow work with customers who have a bad credit history, although their lending conditions are not the best: high interest rates, limited amounts and short terms, the requirement of life insurance or a guarantor, etc. However, if the money is needed very badly, and reputation is significantly damaged, you can contact the following banks: “Tinkoff”, “Bank Russian Standard”, “Home Credit”, “TRUST”, “Renaissance Credit”.

    After drawing up a new credit agreement, try to strictly comply with all its terms, because this will have a positive effect on your future credit history. If violations and untimely payments are repeated with enviable regularity, you risk finally undermining the trust of any credit organizations.

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    We are opening a business in the field of indoor plants


    While on maternity leave or in search of additional income, you can try one of the options – business on indoor plants (colors).

    Of course, this activity is more suitable for the female half of the population, although there are not so few men who know about flowers and their cultivation, because this activity helps to distract, relax and mentally rest, indulging in caring for your favorite plants.

    Growing them for yourself, for your soul and surrounding yourself with their beauty, you can also try to make money from it. Yes, someone will say that indoor flowers can be purchased in, and it does not make sense to be exactly the same, however, you can argue with this.

    Firstit is manual work, it is invested love and warmth, positive emotions, which make the plants themselves bloom more beautifully and longer, unlike store-bought ones.

    AND, secondthey are often cheaper than store-bought flower pots.

    Content of the article:

    • First steps
    • Search for customers
    • important points
    • conclusion

    First steps

    To begin with, you need to learn how to propagate plants correctly and competently. The best options will be fast-growing and undemanding plants that do not require a lot of time.

    Exampleyou can start by planting herbs for spices, such as mint, basil, dill, parsley and others.

    Yes, of course, you will need to invest a small amount of money to buy disposable cups and soil for seedlings. This will be a test option to get used to and adapt.

    Later, you should start growing rare, exotic plants. Also, it should not be forgotten that a lot depends on packaging, appearance and other design aspects.

    You should keep a clear and strict calculation of fees for electricity, heat and other things used for plants. As soon as the young sprouts are planted in cups, you can start looking for customers.

    Search for customers

    Probably, many people have seen women of all ages standing on the streets, with neatly and beautifully placed vases and pots in which young or already grown plants are sitting.

    Sometimes these are the same spices that are infused with juice, and they also have such a wonderful aroma, but more often they are simple indoor plants. And now, walking back past such women, after a few hours, you can pay attention to half-empty or completely empty tables, as well as satisfied saleswomen.Affordable prices, “Hang-out tongue” and good knowledge of floriculture – the key to success in this business. Of course, this is an example. And, of course, working on the street is not suitable at all, however, there are other excellent options for advertising.

    First of all, you should leave colorful and interesting ads on various sites and forums. You can post paper ads around the city, as well as tell your friends and acquaintances.

    As you know, the best advertising is word of mouth. In addition, magazines, newspapers and the Internet are full of information and advertisements about how good it is to have “your own green corner”. Based on them, you can learn how to choose plants correctly and design their appearance.

    Important points

    It is absolutely necessary to know everything about the plants that are put up for sale. About departure, flowering time, the conditions in which they should be kept, dangerous diseases, etc. This knowledge will help make a good impression on buyers.

    As for the price, then it is better to put a small one, compared to store ones. The buyer will appreciate it and will come for the plants more than once.

    Another option is to create your own blog on the Internet, where you will post interesting facts about plants, photos of those for sale, and much more. Later, after expanding the assortment and gaining experience, you can order seedlings of new plants via the Internet, contacting well-known companies or housewives who also know a lot about plants.

    It will be cheaper, especially when buying in bulk. In the future, having gained experience, you can try to open your own houseplant shop. In the same way, you should also sell related materials, such as pots, different types of soil, fertilizers, etc., but this is a completely different story. When you need more space, you should know the following:

    • A starting amount of 3-4 thousand dollars is quite enough, excluding rent;
    • It is necessary to have an air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature;
    • The best time of the year to start is spring, a marketing move will be an exhibition of several beautiful planters with flowers in front of the shop.


    This type of business is difficult to call highly profitable, but it undoubtedly carries a piece of beauty and aesthetics. Big money can be earned on sale of all kinds of accessories for house plants, such as pots, stands, as well as decorative stands, decorations in the form of butterflies, dragonflies and painted moss with pebbles.

    And there is another branch related to plants, these are specialists who know everything about them. Now there is a great shortage of these people. Not everyone can transplant a large, especially thorny, cactus or choose this or that land for a certain type of plant. The time has come for these professionals as well. Therefore, by experience, it is possible to achieve great success, there would be a desire.

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    How to get a loan for small business development


    Many businessmen are interested in how to get a loan for the development of a small business from scratch, since they do not want to wait for years for profit or close their enterprise in a month. Meanwhile, the situation in the market of banking services is such that many banks issue loans for the development of small businesses very cautiously.

    Financial instability makes them think that the loaned business may turn out to be unsuccessful, and simply predicting its development is very difficult.

    On the other hand, the difficulty of obtaining such a loan is often exaggerated. To get it, you need to follow a number of simple rules and understand the way managers think.

    Business plan and business expertise

    If you can prove the viability of your business, getting a loan will be much easier. The first point here is to draw up a competent business plan.

    Most entrepreneurs limit themselves to its functional points, turning it exclusively into a list of future actions. We do not forget that a business plan is both a justification of business efficiency and a study of the market and competitors.

    If you take it seriously, your work will be appreciated. So you will be a person who clearly knows what he expects and what he needs. And banks treat such entrepreneurs with respect.

    The bank can conduct an examination of your business. And a lot depends on its results. But … A negative decision is not yet a death sentence. It is quite possible that the bank simply did not manage to fully understand your idea or the specifics of the business.

    That’s why it’s so important to give the manager the most complete picture of the company’s work. It is quite possible that you have encountered a newbie who is not yet able to draw objective conclusions on his own.

    So it’s better to take matters into your own hands. Emphasize the most successful aspects of your business, demonstrate the company’s real turnover, give information on how the received loan will be spent, and what the expected profit is. , Simply stating that you need a million is impossible.

    What other conditions must be met

    First of all, you yourself must be solvent. After all, if your business doesn’t work out, it’s up to you. You must confirm that you have your own funds.

    In other words, most likely you will have to offer security, which will be arranged by the bank. And this is not always the honest word of the borrower. You must have movable and immovable property at your disposal.

    necessary think in advance about who can become your guarantor. It can be both an individual and a legal entity. The main thing is that he himself should not have loans, and his credit history should be good.

    Naturally, you yourself should not be burdened with loans.

    The following factors can also be important, like your age and marital status. As you may have guessed, young borrowers are treated with less trust, but the age of 30-45 years and a legal marriage speaks in his favor.

    Information about whether someone is dependent on you can also be important for the bank. As are your monthly expenses. It can be the payment of utilities, alimony, and any other expenses.

    If you don’t have permanent registration in a certain city or a landline at the place of permanent residence, the bank may think twice. When giving you a loan, they count on effective feedback.

    In any case, if you failed to get a loan from one bank, do not despair and go to another. Everyone has their own conditions, requirements and approach to customers.


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    How to open an atelier from scratch: a repair and tailoring workshop


    We have prepared for you detailed instructions on how to open a studio, equip it and find the first customers. This is a promising and relevant business in any region and for all categories of the population.

    Content of the article:

    • Registration
    • List of services provided
    • rooms
    • equipment
      • Equipment and tools for sewing
      • furniture
    • personnel
    • promotion
    • Costs and profit


    As a form of ownership IP will do. It is inexpensive to register (around $30), and bookkeeping is as simplified as possible. KVED codes are selected from group 14 – “Clothing production”, it describes each one in detail, you need to choose the appropriate ones. Other documents:

    • Certificate of enrollment in the Pension Fund;
    • Permit from Rospozhivnadzor;
    • Permit from the State Fire Inspectorate to work in a specific premises.

    List of services provided

    The atelier will repair clothes and sew to order. In addition to clothing, sewing of curtains, bed linen, and children’s clothing is in good demand. It is profitable to sew costumes for artists and dance groups. These are guaranteed large orders.

    For a young workshop a large share of orders will be small clothing repairs. There is nothing wrong with this, in this way you build up a client base, contacts, and acquaintances.


    The best location is a busy place in the sleeping area. In the center, rent is expensive and for a beginner, the studio is not justified. Good options: near a large supermarket, a market, in the basement of a high-rise building surrounded by many buildings. As many potential customers as possible should live nearby. The main accommodation condition is high traffic.

    There are no special requirements for the premises. Make sure there is good ventilation, because the workshop that works with fabric and threads is threatened by constant dust. To avoid problems with Rospozhivnadzor, study SanPiN 5182-90 – “Sanitary rules for sewing production”.

    The area of ​​the room is 45 square meters: 30 square meters m. – workshop, 15 square meters m. – a reception hall for issuing and receiving clothes and fittings. The rent will cost about $600 per month, and about $700 will be needed to repair and finish the room.


    It is necessary to equip a clothing repair workshop and a reception hall separately.

    Equipment and tools for sewing

    What is needed to arrange three workplaces:

  • Cutting sewing table – $300. SewTech, “Samson”, “StolPro”;
  • Direct sewing machine (2 pcs.) – $600-700. Brother, Juki, Aurora, Velles;
  • Industrial sewing machine for work with dense fabrics – $300-400. Juki, Aurora, Pfaff, Gemsy. Used models of good brands, such as Veritas, Singer, Pfaff, will cost less ($120-170) and will last a long time;
  • Sewing machine – $200-230. Velles, Protex, Joyee;
  • Overlock – $250-350. ZOJE, Juki, Janome, Textima;
  • Ironing board and iron (Steam ironing system) – $900-1000. Domena, Sofiant;
  • tailor’s mannequins (2 pcs.) – $300. In order not to buy several mannequins of different sizes, it is better to buy sliding ones (fully adjustable in size) from Dressform, Royal Dress forms, Siera Dressform;
  • Tools (5 pairs of scissors, rulers, pattern, tape measure, organizers for consumables) – $100;
  • The cash register or forms with end-to-end numbering. It will take about $25 to print the forms.
  • You will need to purchase materials for sewing: threads, needles, zippers, hooks, thimbles, bobbins, pins, chalk, buttons, etc. This is also a monthly cost of $60-70.


    The workshop and hall need:

    • Three tables and three chairs for seamstresses (2 ordinary work tables with compartments for tools and one industrial one) – $650-750. Workplaces specifically for sewing equipment are offered by the companies “Comfort”, “StolPro”;
    • Table or wall lamps for each workplace (3 pcs. in total) – $70. Elvan, “Aurora”;
    • A simple reception desk for the hall – $110-150. “Orizon”, “Southern Trading Racks”, “Fortunat”, Acrilian;
    • Sofa for visitors – $130-200. “Felix”, “CD Furniture”, “Unitex”, “Cambio”;
    • Racks with shelves for things (2 pcs.) – $60. “Stolplit”, “Southern Trading Racks”, Expro;
    • Wardrobe and hangers – $100. “Unitex”, “M-service”;
    • Fitting cabin. You can organize it yourself, but it is easier to buy an inexpensive metal structure with curtains. Such a cabin costs about $45-60. Manufacturers Poliver, Westcom;
    • A full-length mirror – $30. Poliver.

    About 5 thousand dollars will be needed to equip the studio from scratch.


    When opening a sewing business, you should hire three seamstresses and one receptionist-administrator. Bookkeeping is outsourced (about $150 per month). The optimal salary of a tailor is the minimum salary plus a percentage of the completed order. 2,000 USD is spent on wages every month.

    A common problem of such business – fulfillment of the order by the employee “bypassing” the atelier. To avoid such situations, follow the mandatory issuance of receipts to visitors. In this way, you will be able to control cash flows. In the hall, hang a large sign-announcement for customers: “If you are not given a receipt, the order is made for free.” Then no one will agree to order “cheaper, but without a receipt.”


    The main thing is an attractive sign at the entrance and bright announcements in the accommodation area. A good way to attract attention is to organize the distribution of leaflets or distribution of flyers with the promotion “discount on services to the bearer” through mailboxes.

    Costs and profit

    To understand whether it is profitable to open a business, you should calculate the costs and profit of the atelier. Capital costs – 7-7.5 thousand dollars. Monthly expenses are around $2,500. The average check of a beginner of the establishment is $10-12 (average value taking into account the repair and sewing of simple things), you can count on 10-15 visitors per day. The monthly net profit will be $700-1100. After a year and a half, with an increase in the client base, the income increases several times.

    Having worked out how to open your own tailoring studio, assessing all the risks and prospects, you can start implementing the idea. The business owner needs constant control of the company’s activities, monitoring of service and quality of work, because the number of customers and profits directly depend on them.

    HD video on the topic:


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